Counseling for Children (ages 6 to 12)   
        How can counseling help?

* Reduce/eliminate depressive and/or anxious behaviors

* Teach relaxation and coping strategies

* Improve the child's ability to communicate his/her feelings in a healthy way

* Teach self-control strategies to reduce impulsivity and anger outbursts

* Strengthen social skills

* Teach self-protective skills, including assertiveness and boundary-setting

* Improve organizational abilities

* Emphasize the child's special strengths

* Encourage the child to share

thoughts/feelings about challenges in his/her life

* Improve the child's judgment and ability to make good choices 

Childhood problems can develop based on many different factors and the way in which these problems are expressed may be influenced by the child's developmental age, coping and adaptive abilities of the family, temperament of the child, and the nature and duration of stress.