* Provide support and strategies to deal with depression/anxiety

* Eliminate self-harm behaviors (e.g. cutting) and/or suicidal thoughts

* Assist with relationship difficulties, including peer, school and family challenges

* Teach stress management and coping strategies

* Replace defiant behavior towards adults with respect and cooperation

* Strengthen social skills

* Support and increase insight about divorce/separation of caretakers

* Provide support with grief/loss issues


* Improve self-esteem


* Help with understanding the development of one's identity


* Offer guidance with learning and skill deficits


* Provide support with trauma and/or abuse concerns


* Develop organizational skills


* Learn how to cope with disabilities, disease or injury


* Help with future planning (e.g. career, work, graduation transition)

Adolescent Services (ages 13-17)
        How Can Counseling Help?

“Positive youth development is an approach, a way to think about young people, that focuses on their assets (capacities, strengths, and developmental needs) and not solely on their deficits (risks, negative behaviors, and problems).


This approach calls for shifting attention away from a crisis mentality that concentrates on stopping problems, to developing careful strategies that increase young people’s exposure to positive and constructive relationships and activities that promote healthy, responsible, and compassionate choices.”  


     From A Guide to Positive Youth              Development