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* Provide support and strategies to deal with depression/anxiety

* Eliminate self-harm behaviors (e.g. cutting) and/or suicidal thoughts

* Assist with relationship difficulties, including peer, school and family challenges

* Teach stress management and coping strategies

* Replace defiant behavior towards adults with respect and cooperation

* Strengthen social skills

* Support and increase insight about divorce/separation of caretakers

* Provide support with grief/loss issues


* Improve self-esteem


* Help with understanding the development of one's identity


* Offer guidance with learning and skill deficits


* Provide support with trauma and/or abuse concerns


* Develop organizational skills


* Learn how to cope with disabilities,  illness or injury


* Help with future planning (e.g. career, work, graduation transition)

Adolescent Services (ages 13-17)
        How Can Counseling Help?

We are not here to be a drop, a drip, to make a splash or be a ripple. We're here to make waves in an ocean of infinite possibilities. - Spike Humer

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