Adult Services

How can counseling help?

Counseling services can help guide and support you through the

self-reflection process.  


With greater insight and

clarity, there is a sense of empowerment, which can promote long-lasting change! 

* Reduce and/or eliminate depression, sadness and/or suicidal thoughts

* Recover from a painful divorce/separation

* Heal from trauma, abuse and/or domestic violence

* Cope with hurt associated with grief/loss

* Reduce anxiety, stress, fears and panic 

* Improve self-confidence and assertiveness skills

* Learn how to improve communication and social skills

* Cope with the impact of a difficult relationship(s)

* Understand how to manage challenging life transitions

The greatest challenge of the human experience is discovering 
who you really are. 

The second greatest is living in a way that honors what you discovered. 

-Lisa Villa Prosen