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                Family Therapy

        How Can Counseling Help?

* Family Therapy teaches basic understanding about family dynamics, such as: family roles, values, beliefs and rules.

* Family Therapy focuses on helping the family as a "whole" rather than concentrating specifically on one person as the primary problem.

* Family Therapy identifies conflicts and worries and supports that family to develop healthy coping strategies to resolve them.  

* Family Therapy helps members find ways to be positive, flexible, and adaptable in a variety of situations.

*  Family Therapy encourages members to strengthen appreciation, commitment, and empathy for each other.

When families come to therapy, what are some of the problems that are addressed?

* Financial Issues

* Separation, Divorce, or Blended family  Adjustments

* Mental Health Issues

* Parenting Concerns

* Grief/Loss
* Trauma, Domestic Violence and/or 
* Substance Abuse
* Behavior issues and Academic    Concerns in Children and Teens
* Chronic Illness

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